Free Blood Pressure Check

My local community hospital always offers many programs to help you learn and to promote a better lifestyle. They stress how important that great health is for you and your family. Different programs are offered at different times of the year and it is best if you make your reservations very early. Many of the programs are free to the public and some are not!

I like to go to the blood pressure screening which are free and done once a month. A nurse is always on hand to assist you if you have high blood pressure. I have had high blood pressure since I started working for the Leeds escort agency. When I am there I will also pay $10.00 to get my cholesterol checked and it is great because you don’t have to fast! I really don’t mind paying the cash because I don’t have any type of health insurance.

Webcam Disaster

One day me and my friend Adam were messing around on the internet. We were very bored and decided to have some fun. We decided to join a live adult webcams sex session to see what they were like. We were expecting something very erotic from a beautiful woman, but we were in for a surprise. Once we connected to the session, there was a huge guy dancing naked on a pole! He turned around and started smiling with joy. He then got on the pole and started to swing around it. We instantly backed out of the session and could not believe our eyes. Apparently my friend Adam accidentally clicked on Male Models for show instead of women. Luckily we backed out of the session quickly, but the damage had been done.

The Sad Truth

Why is it that men are able to have sex in London and it is not an issue, but when we women do it, we are called “easy”. It is very obvious that in today’s society, women are looked at much differently than we were back in the 70′s or 80′s. My personal opinion about this is it is because a lot of young women have lost respect for themselves. It is not because of the men, it is because of their lack of pride and self-esteem. I wish there was a way to get into the minds of these young women to let them know that they are worth way more than what they are putting themselves through. No woman under any circumstance should ever have to sleep with someone to prove her worth. Her worth comes from her inner beauty and how she treats others. Maybe someday soon I can make a plan to change these sad facts.

Weekends On the Water

Every year in the spring I put my boat in the water and get it cleaned up for a long summer of fun. I pay for my dock space so that I do not have to pull my boat in and out of the water. All summer on my days off of work, usually the weekends I am out on the water for three days. It is always a huge party, I can drink and sleep right on my boat. There are boats that drive around with b.b.q. food with cheap prices, so I don’t have to worry about cooking.

This year I will be taking my new escorts in Nottingham companions on some of my journeys. I can’t wait because we have so much fun with each other, they really makes me feel wanted! It is way less of a hassle to not have the relationship stress or worry about each other feelings, those are set aside!

He Is All I Need

I started watching this new show on TV and so far it is one of the best ones I have seen yet. It is super scary! My BBW fuck buddy is actually the one who turned me on to it. He has seen all seven seasons, but I am literally still on the first season. I really love that he still has actual conversations with me instead of just jumping up and leaving right as soon as we are finished. He usually hangs around for like an hour after we are through and we either eat, watch a movie, or just have a pointless conversation of life. I guess he doesn’t want to seem disrespectful to me as women, so he makes sure I do not feel used or anything along those lines. This man is exactly the reason why I don’t need a relationship. He gives me literally everything I need and want.

Without Getting Caught

Every single time that I wanna fuck, I call my friend ahead of time to make arrangements for an evening. She comes over about 95 percent of the time because she has to make an excuse to her husband to get away for the night, without getting caught.

We used to date many years ago, it never worked out but we are extremely attracted to each other. I really do not think that will ever change between the both of us. Both of our work schedules are completely difficult and I had a problem of cheating in the past.

She could never get over my crazy and wild lifestyle so we just decided to be friends. When she got married I was pretty bummed out, I give her credit because she has still stuck around to be with me for the last five years.

An Expensive Hobby

I’m not sure what made me want to do it in the first place but I have just spent the last hour trying to work out roughly how much I have spent on visiting professional call girls over the last twelve months and I’m in total shock! Ten thousand pounds, give or take a couple of hundred quid! That’s almost half of my disposable income. I’m not suggesting that I haven’t had a good time spending that amount of money on female company but when I worked it out on paper it does seem to be rather an expensive hobby. Nottingham escorts generally charge more per hour than escorts from other parts of the country and I did see most of the girls I visited whilst I was there working away from home. In fact, in one month alone I spent over fifteen hundred pound on one girl I met up with on several occasions in Streatham.

A Party To Remember

I went to a party with my older sister that lasted two days with lots of food, drinks, swimming, playing darts and pool. I met a guy about 5 years older than me and we instantly started flirting with each other. He was very attractive and continued to show off his six pack abs over and over again to all of his buddies.

We ended up hanging out and playing darts and then went swimming, we had such a great time! He gave me his number when the party was finally over and I debated if I should even ever call him back. I waited about a week to call him and he has been my fuck buddy ever since the party. He made sure that it was clear to me that he was not interested in any type of long term serious relationship.